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With over 24 years experience to his credit, John Appt is one of the reasons the "little white house" in Rossford is a player in today's multimedia industry.

Before founding TyJill Enterprises, John began his business career in 1985 as Director of Sales and Administration for a local executive suite firm. But it was his talent at the computer keyboard that soon led him in new directions.

Recognizing the growing market for computer-generated products, John opted to start his own company in 1994. Today TyJill rides the cutting edge of the industry, turning out interactive multimedia programs, animation, desktop publishing, and other computer-based programs sought after the tri-state region. Several software programs and major catalogues -- all electronically created by TyJill -- have been distributed nationwide.

TyJill's work can also be found in some of the country's finest boardrooms, enlivening corporate presentations with eye-catching animation and video. Similar presentations for The Toledo Museum of Art and the Toledo Ad Club have also been created.

An even more ambitious project for a Fortune 500 company created a program that allowed the company's marketing data to "migrate" from the mainframe to a PC-based network. As part of the project, TyJill developed all the software needed to display and utilize that data.

Like all of TyJill's R&D staff, John Appt has hands on experience in all existing computer hardware, as well as an extensive knowledge of most software programs. His personal expertise includes ASP, PHP, Javascript, BASIC, dBase/FoxBASE, and LINGO in Macromedia Director.

You say you don't speak "LINGO"? That you wouldn't know a migration program if it "byt" you? That's all right. If you can imagine it on a computer, John Appt and the staff at TyJill can make it happen. And in the end, that's all that really matters.

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